What if you could heat a home for less than $200/yr?

What if you could heat a home for less than $200/yr?

Scott Homes, SIP Built Craftsman Ranch

Looking through project photos for a presentation today and came across a house designed and built by Scott Homes.  Every time I see pictures of this house, I have to stop and look at them as this is one of my FAVORITE SIP built homes completed in the past couple of years….a craftsman ranch style home featuring exquisite craftsmanship throughout inside and out.  I love the open floor plan yet not too big space/house.

“Our goal was to build a beautiful, finely crafted home that reflects our buyer’s individuality while still achieving a high level of energy efficiency and indoor air quality due to our buyer’s health needs.”  stated Scott Bergford of Scott Homes.  The buyer selected Scott Homes because of their use of SIPs, hydronic radiant heat, and HRV’s as their standard construction system and knowing that their home would be certified with Energy Star.  Using SIPs created a better building envelope and helped to reduce heat loss from the well insulated SIPs shell.  Premier SIPs also offer higher insulation value, significantly reducing thermal bridging, and helped to make the building air tight.

Scott Homes

Green Features include:  Premier SIPs used in walls and roof, Radiant Heat System offers extremely efficient indoor comfort, HRV System regulates ventilation and filters the air, Geothermal heat pump installed for hot water production, extremely efficient with coefficient performance of 3.3, HERS rating of 59, Energy Star Certified, WSU conducted energy modeling for geothermal system, with expected pay back of just 14 years because of its efficiency, Homeowner has health issues that SIPs. HRV System & Radiant Heat System helped to combat and create a healthier indoor living environment.  View Craftsman Ranch Home Photo Gallery.

Scott Homes


Scott Homes, The Inspiration Home

Scott Homes’ has a long list of exquisitely designed and built SIP projects (view photos).  Their latest SIP project is called the Inspiration Home, a demonstration home to help people understand that a ‘green’ home does not have to come with an enormous price tag…an innovative, sustainable home with exceptionally clean indoor air and extremely low energy bills.  The Inspiration Home was created to raise awareness that everyone can own a distinctive and stunning home that is energy efficient, healthy, low maintenance, and most importantly, affordable.  You can see all every construction step made via photos and timelapse video.

In Washington State?  There are two upcoming chances to learn more about the Inspiration Home and green building products used, learn about the inexpensive ways you can make your home more comfortable in the coming cold season and discuss energy efficiency with industry professionals.


Many of our Scott Homes’ friends, supporters and green building experts that worked on the Inspiration Home will be on hand at the Olympia Master Builder Big Home Garden Show, to discuss the project and answer questions.  Representatives from ProBuild, South Sound Solar, Thurston Energy, Thurston County Solid Waste and Puget Sound Energy will be with us!  Go to the Scott Homes’ blog for more.


Previously South Sound Solar Tour, the local solar tour is part of the National Solar Tour, now in its 17th year. This is the largest grassroots solar event in the United States, and it is growing each year as solar energy become common place and mainstream.  The solar tour is a self-guided tour. Individuals can visit one site or as many sites as they can fit into a 6 hours day. Over the past decade, solar system owners have opened their homes and businesses and been available to discuss the benefits of solar energy. This is where Scott Homes’ Inspiration Home comes in…they will be open for tour!  AND IT’S FREE!!  Go to National Solar Tour site for more!

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