Technical Data

Proven & Tested

At the end of the day, it’s all about choosing proven products that meet building requirements. While most all SIP Systems qualify within the IRC, few manufacturers invest in ICC-ES reports. Premier offers building designers our own ICC (International Code Council) reports – which are perhaps the most extensive and robust code reports in the SIPs industry. It’s our way of providing you with the tools to design and and construct buildings with superior framing systems.

Additionally we have more than 50 years of independent testing, and technical bulletins to support all design professionals achieve building codes with Premier SIPS – even in areas as stringent as California with the State’s Title 24 Building Standards.

Quality Control

Premier employs third party independent quality assurance agencies to assess and audit the quality control process in our manufacturing facilities. These agencies include PFS Corporation and Underwriters Laboratories. Premier also requires their suppliers to undergo similar processes to ensure the delivery of raw materials that meet Premier’s exacting specifications.

Premier SIPS has received several awards for Quality Assurance and is the only SIPs manufacturer nationwide to have received the coveted Commitment to Quality Award from PFS Corporation. Premier was the first and is still the only manufacturer, nationwide, to utilize controlled environment laminating in their pressing operation.

Code Reports

Premier SIPS Building Code Reports

ICC-ES Evaluation Report-ESR-4524 (Includes LABC, LARC, CBC, CRC Supplements)

ICC-ES Listing Report – ESL-1207  (Seismic categories D, E, and F)

ICC-ES Listing Report – ESL-1208  (Seismic categories D, E, and F)

HUD Structural Engineering Bulletin 1128, Premier Building Systems

Regional Code Requirements – Contact your local Premier Sales Rep to assist with the most applicable energy & building code, as well as regional jurisdiction requirements.

Seismic Testing & Compliance

In addition to our ICC-ES Code Reports above, The Forest Products Lab published the following SIP Research paper. This paper discusses SIP Seismic load handling, aspect ratios and perforated shear wall research. This work is a joint research project of USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, and the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA).

Performance of Structural Insulated Panel Walls under Seismic Loading (USDA – Perforated Shear Wall Assembly White Paper)


Fire Performance & Testing

SIP Fire Performance

Premier SIPS have the most extensive fire assembly testing in the SIP Industry. As a result of this destructive testing, we can document the performance of Premier SIPS under the rigorous test standards of ASTM – E119, ASTM – E84 and UBC 26-3. One Hour fire resistive assemblies are achieved by combinations of underlying structure and protection of that structure by Gypsum Wall Board – for both Commercial & Residential Applications.

For fire assemblies and building code compliance refer to:

The following Intertek listing further confirms a one-hour fire rating for specific SIP assemblies:

Load Charts

Verified in our independent testing and resulting ICC-ES reports Premier has specific load charts to aid the design and engineering of virtually any Type V structure (Residential & Commercial).