Retail Stores Pursue Energy Efficiency with Advanced Building Method

Retail Stores Pursue Energy Efficiency with Advanced Building Method

Originally posted in Commercial Construction & Renovation magazine, Nov/Dec 2013

“Reducing heating and cooling use is a key step in lowering energy costs in retail settings.” – Joe Pasma

Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013

Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013

Energy-efficient construction is finding its way to your local convenience mart.  Dozens of 7-Eleven stores in the United States have been built using an insulated panel system that’s increasingly used in low-rise commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, single-family homes and apartments.  In the Nov/Dec issue of Commercial Construction & Renovation Premier’s technical manager, Joe Pasma, discusses how retailers can reduce heating and cooling costs as the key step to lowering energy costs in Paving the Way.

Read full article, Paving the Way, Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine

The 7-Eleven corporate office has been working with local franchisees to explore alternative construction methods to reduce energy consumption and meet other green building goals, testing SIPS as one of their new methods.  In addition to 7-Eleven stores, SIPs have been used in other retail outlets ranging from Starbucks stores to mom-and-pop restaurants, and in climates from Alaska to Arizona.  Why the growing interest in SIPS?  Read the full article to learn more about:

  • SIP-built structures are 15 times more airtight than stick-framed buildings
  • SIPS provide continuous insulation throughout a building’s walls and roofs
  • SIP-built retails stores look no different than ones built with traditional construction, preserving signature architecture of national and regional chains
  • The process for obtaining and installing SIPS is straightforward
  • SIPs help speed construction by eliminating separate work for building the structure and installing the insulation
  • Use SIPs with nearly any type of building system, including poured concrete or block foundations

Read full article, Paving the Way, Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine

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