Green Building & Living at Seattle Green Tour This Weekend

Green Building & Living at Seattle Green Tour This Weekend

Ever wonder how easy and affordable green living and building can be?  The NorthWest EcoBuilding Guild’s 2012 Green Tours will give you LIVE examples of sustainable design construction, deconstruction landscaping, energy efficiency upgrades and more.  There will be demonstrations and workshops about the green features/products and an array of energy and building experts to chat with.  As of right now temperatures are supposed to take a turn for the warmer and sunshine on Saturday!

There will be 2 different Green tour tracks:   hosted by the Seattle Green Home Tour & South Sound Green Tour.  All green tours will be FREE and open to the public April 21st and 22nd, 10am-4pm daily.  A perfect way to celebrate Earth Day weekend!

This is a perfect time to see the different  ways you can go when you build green or improving the energy performance of your existing home.  We are especially  many of our Structural Insulated Panel, SIP, project sites are included in the Green Tour.  All SIP projects have been listed below with a description and you can find them on the tour maps.

Premier SIP projects on Green Tour:

Our good friends at Scott Homes are crazy with adrenaline preparing for the South Sound Green Tour where they are hosting FOUR tour sites:  Two SIP homes & 2 Northwest Energy Team sites (Retrofit, non SIP homes)!  Stop by their sites where experts (architect, builder, building science expert) will be on hand to give more details and answer questions.


Long Lake House, Scott Homes

Long Lake Cabin:  This is a newly constructed weekend retreat.  Its the usual Scott Homes Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) house and designed with family gatherings in mind.  It’s a sweet, quiet place built for the owners to get away or to bring their children and grandchildren.  Webster Bergford designed and built the cabin….he will be on site for questions

Inspiration Home, Scott Homes

Inspiration Home:  This will be Scott Homes jewel-in-the-crown when it’s completed in August 2012.   Currently it’s a construction site so a perfect opportunity to see the down and dirty, what happens behind the walls of a Scott Homes house.  Daimon Doyle, resident building science expert will be on site to share more details and will also be speaking at the Green Tour Hub Saturday afternoon (April 21).


Bergford House:  This is Scott’s actual home that he and Pat have lived in for 32 years.  It’s a 1925 kit-built Craftsman style farmhouse.  It was drafty, damp and needed a lot of love in the form of an energy retrofit.  They’ve done a few things and will do more as time presents itself.  Come talk to Scott and Pat….discuss what they liked, what they plan to do next, and why they doing what fixes in what order.

Furniture Works:  This is a nice downtown new and used furniture store in an old, under-insulated warehouse.  Ken Adney, the owner, wanted to replace the massive, inefficient industrial heater that roared but didn’t really do much.  NW Energy Team put in some massive ductless heat pumps (DHP) to replace them, sealed up some trouble spots and re-did the windows.  NW Energy Team’s project manager, Dan Andrews, will be there for both days of the tour.  As Scott Homes puts it….”He’s a smartypants and definitely not a salesman.  Definitely.  Ask him all sorts of questions.


The Drebick Wedge, Androit Construction

The Drebick Wedge:  Built by Adroit Construction, this 2,700 square foot office building was “wedged” into a small infill lot on courthouse hill.  Built air-tight with SIPs walls and roof, the high-efficient heat pump, low-E windows and doors and LED lighting.  The “Wedge” got an incredible 0.35 ACH on its initial blower door test….meaning it is EXTREMELY airtight for optimal energy efficiency.


Waterhaus Pod, GreenPod Development

Waterhaus:  Designed and built by GreenPod Development, this low-impact, energy-efficient home model features many energy and resource saving features such as solar panes, passive solar design, graywater systems, recycled countertops, SIP walls and roof, and much more.  Greenpods meet hte markets for downsizing with its  450 sq. ft. model Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).  It is also perfect for aging in place, cabins, second homes and home offices.


Ballard Net Zero Energy House, TC Legend Homes

Ballard Net-Zero Energy House:  Seattle’s first net-zero home, owners Eric and Alexandra set out to build green on a budget. Energy Star certified, 5-Star Build Green home produces as much electricity form the sun as it uses over the course of a year.  By keeping the design simple and minimizing expensive finishes, Eric and Alexandra were able to keep the cost of building down to $124 per square feet ($114 after rebates and solar production incentives).


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