Premier SIP Accessories

SIPs framed structures offer the construction community a world of options. Assembly accessories help make sure the full system is able to perform at exceptional levels.

Big SIPs Screws

Premier SIPS Screws – “Big SIPS Screws” – were developed specifically for the attachment of Premier SIPS to beams, purlins and posts of wood, and light gauge metal.  They also feature:

  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Excellent pull-out resistance, withstanding over 980 pounds of force
  • State-of-the-art tempering and coating technology
  • Sizes from 5″ to 16″ in increments of 1″

SIPs Joint Sealant

Premier uses “SIP-Seal” SIP Joint Sealant, which has been specifically formulated for the sealant applications required in the erection of Premier SIPS.  This formulation of mastic consists of polymers that are designed to remain flexible and provide a seal against water vapor transmission and air infiltration.  SIPs Seal has the following features:

  • Sealant for all types of construction
  • Remains highly flexible
  • Bonds to diverse materials
  • Performs in all temperatures
  • Use as a very low modulus elastomeric sealant between panel joints, high movement joints and to bond with diverse building materials.

Polyether Caulking Products (video)

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Joint Sealant SDS (PDF)

Applicator Gun TDS (PDF)

SIP Tape

Used to seal all joints and seems, our tape is provided based on calculated requirements for each project size. Follow the SIP tape instructions for details.

Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap is a custom-ordered one-pound-density EPS foam shape that fills  the void at a typical ridge connection. It allows for an easier roof connection at the ridge by using the factory (or job-site) square panel edges. It is available in 8′ long pieces and is custom made for each project. The foam is cut with a hot wire to the shape that is determined by various factors including, roof panel thickness, the pitch of each side of the roofs involved and, in some cases, the type of roofing material that is placed on the finished roof.  Please refer to the Accessories: Ridge Cap Detail (Premier-304) for more information.

Foam Scoop

foam-scoop_thum1A foam scoop is a heating element with a handle that you can use to remove foam from the edges of a panel.  Most panel projects are pre-fabricated, but there can be circumstances that will require you to modify a panel in which a foam scoop will be necessary.

For example, you may want to make a window larger, and after enlarging the opening bigger the foam will need to be recessed so you can insert lumber around the window.

Or you may have a project that you would like to fabricate on your own, in which case we will send you blank stock panels.  A foam scoop is then necessary to recess the panels for any lumber you may need to install.

Ready to know more?

You can always contact us or find a Distributor near you. We are here to help make framing commercial structures with SIPs simple.