About Premier Building Systems – Premier SIPS

The largest SIPS manufacturer in North America, Premier Building Systems, has a strong presence in the Structural Insulated Panels industry with more dedicated sales representatives, project managers, and distributors located throughout the West Coast than any other SIPS manufacturer. Premier’s focus is simple – helping others experience the benefits of Advanced Building Techniques with SIPS framing.

Our past: A legacy of innovation

One of the leading SIPS manufacturers for more than 40 years, Premier knows the right way to design, manufacture and install Structural Insulated Panel Systems.

We have always been passionate about the technology that SIPS provide for the construction community.  Our history with SIPS has shown us that SIP Systems have shaped, and will continue to shape, the design and construction of residential and commercial building envelopes.

Our present: A philosophy of service


Great products are one thing, but our philosophy remains the same as the day we started. Service is key. We believe that our job is to make sure our customers are happy.  We know we have to provide both quality products AND exceptional service.


Without our trademark high-end service, our exceptional and innovative products mean nothing.  We strive to provide quality products, design, engineering, delivery and value added services to make your experience with Premier Structural Insulated Panel Systems as simple as possible.

Our future: A world of unlimited possibilities

Award Winning SIPS Envelope

More people are discovering Premier SIPS to be an incredible framing alternative to traditional dimensional lumber. Builders are saving time and money. Architects are gaining design flexibility and environmental product benefits and homeowners are receiving better structures with reduced utility costs.  The future of the SIPS industry is endless and Premier  is honored to be at the front of the industry.